Apply for Provincial Nominee Program in Prince Edward Island

It is known to all of us that many applicants from different parts of the world wish to migrate to Canada to live and work in the country. A huge number of permanent residency applications are received by Canada every year, due to which the visa process time for Canada was lengthy and time taking [almost 3 years]. Because Canada government has to review of the applications filed for visa and conduct background verification. If any discrepancies in the information provided were found in the application then it would further delay the process time. The government of Canada did have sources to answer or process all the applications at the same time. It was also necessary to ensure that the number skilled and unskilled visa application approved should be in balance for every province of Canada to maintain economic stability in the country. To cut down the lengthy process time of the PR visa process, Canada government has launched many provincial nomination programs

Was there any effect of lengthy process time on the immigrants?

Yes, it affects the immigrants in many ways. People who would apply for immigration had to wait for almost 3 years to receive a reply from the immigration department. With a hope of receiving Canada PR, applicants were not able to make any other plans during this period.

 Prince Edward Island PNP and the eligibility criteria

Prince Edward Island PNP encourages qualified and skilled professional to come and work in the Prince Edward Island and contribute in its economic growth. If you meet the eligibility criteria and the information and documents provided are all correct and genuine, your application will be processed sooner.

Prince Edward Island PNP categories:

  • PEI PNP Business Impact category
  • PEI PNP Labour Impact category

If you wish to apply for PEI PNP, you need to apply under any of these two categories. To cut down the process time even further, applicants can also file your visa under PEI PNP through express entry visa program. This will help you expedite your visa application.

You need to meet the following criteria to apply for PEI PNP

  • A job offer from the province can add an advantage to the application but it is not mandatory
  • You need to pay a fee $300 CAD, if you are applying for the nomination for the PEI Express Entry. It is nonrefundable and mandatory.
  • For Labour Impact Category, you have to apply for PEI Provincial Nominee Program [$250] and $ 7,500 for the Business Impact Category.

PEI PNP was introduced to fulfill the skills gap in the province and if you fulfill the requirements, your application will be process under this category. To know more about the Prince Edward Island PNP, get in touch with Kansas Overseas Careers. They will explain you understand the process and help with your application.

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