How can you obtain Canada Permanent Residence Card?

Permanent Residence Card is the official status sign offered to the permanent residents in Canada. If you wish to obtain a Canada Permanent Residence Card, you should experience a PR application procedure. You should bring your necessary documents to apply.

Entitlement criteria to apply for a Canada Permanent Residence Card:

You should meet the following requirements to be eligible for a Canada Permanent Residence card:

  • Require permanent residence in Canada,
  • You should be physically present in Canada,
  • You should not be under the removal order,
  • You should not be a Canadian citizen, and
  • You should not be included in any illegal actions correlated to a Canada Permanent Residence card

You can still become eligible to apply for Canada Permanent Residence card if you have permanent resident status being exterior to Canada without possessing a valid Canada Permanent Residence card. You should make sure to obtain your travel document from a Canadian visa office to return to Canada in the course (or) to collect the card once it is set to be dispersed.

The Application process for a Canada Permanent Residence Card:

You need to gather your primary and secondary documents as explained below.

The primary documents mainly involve:

  • Include your prior PR card copy,
  • Include your exact passport or your expedition document if you a PR card holder,
  • Include your self-certificate or travel documents acknowledged by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada or an overseas country,
  • Attach your regional driver’s license,
  • Include your exact photo ID proof,
  • Attach your student card dispersed from the provincially credited university, and
  • Attach your recent income tax calculation given by the Canada Revenue Agency during the past 2 years.

The secondary documents mainly involve:

The documents displaying the evidence of your residence in the past 5 years such as:

  • Include your photocopies of all your passports that you have during the prior 5 years, and
  • Include a copy of your Income tax provision documents from the Canada Revenue Agency during the past 5 years (or) transcripts from an official post-secondary institution showing your presence in the past 5 years (or) paper records showing your existence during the past 5 years for school-aged children.

After you gather the entire documents, submit your application form for the Canada Permanent Residence card, pay your application fee online and mail your application form to the Case Processing Centre, Canada. Contact the experienced consultants at Kansas Overseas Careers if you need more information about Canada Permanent Residence Card.

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