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Canada is a popular country consisting of radiant and extensive immigration procedures that concentrate on improving its economy and in determining skilled workforce to develop its financial provision. As a result, the country has been constantly encouraging many skilled immigrants to migrate to Canada to fill its long-standing and short-range gaps in terms of workforce requirements from the year 2008. About 3,00,000 permanent residents’ PR visas are accepted by the country in all the existing visa groups per annum.

The Canadian Government has designed a remarkable and strong point system that is typically used for choosing the most skilled people as permanent residents of Canada. The point system allows the individuals to migrate to Canada with at least work and education requirements. The applicant’s request is processed as per the six-selection points system once he/she meets the basic minimum requirements to migrate to Canada. The applicants need to acquire a minimum of 67 points out of 100 possible point categories on the selection grid to succeed for migration as an expert employee in Canada. The applicant’s profile will be rejected in the Canada immigration process if his/her score is lesser than the minimum criteria.

Eligibility requirements when you migrate to Canada:

Education: The applicants should get a maximum of 25 points and a minimum of 5 points when he/she desire to migrate to Canada. A candidate who completes his/her master’s degree or a Ph.D. or at least 17 years of full-time study can get a maximum score whereas a high school passed can earn 5 points.

Languages: The applicants who have high skill in English (IELTS) and French (TEF) can get a maximum of 24 points. All the participants should go through a written and an oral test to get awarded in high, moderate and basic proficiency in these two languages.

Experience: The candidates should obtain a maximum of 21 points in terms of experience when they desire to migrate to Canada. If the candidate has 4 years’ experience or more in an approved company, then he/she will have a high likelihood of getting the high score.

Age: The candidates will meet a maximum of 10 points if the person’s age is between 21 and 49 years when they wish to migrate to Canada.

Arranged employment: The candidates with a permanent job offer by the Canadian Skills Development and Human Resource Department will get 10 points straight away to migrate to Canada.

Adaptability:10 additional points will be provided to the candidates for the education of his/her spouse, previous work experience or family in Canada.

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